Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coke Zero - "Life as it Should Be"

Coke Zero is one of the newest products offered from the Coca-Cola company. The drink’s new formula offers the same Real taste with zero sugar. Their new campaign “Life as it should be” is based on the internet and allows participants to dub a new script to old black and white video clips. Then the videos are posted for ratings from other viewers. Compete for the highest rankings and send them to your friends. “Life as it should be” will most likely be a hit with the new media savvy generation and solidify Coke Zero’s success throughout the world.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sonic's Cheesecake Bites

My family rarely goes out to eat at a fast food joint, but today we were out doing some shopping and stopped by the local Sonic. We had the basic hamburger, tator tots and a drink. Afterwards, since we were not quite full enough, we sprung for some of the Cheescake Bites. Chunks of cheesecake, battered and deep fried. Yee Haw! To top it all off, there is a cinnamon caramel sauce to dip them in. There is little need for BITES because the deep frying pretty much melts the cheesecake into a goo. To be quite honest, they are pretty good BUT I'm certain they are not good for you! They ring in for $2.50 and you get 5. Trust me, 5 is plenty. Even for a 260 lb giant like me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Have you heard about Bloggerwave?

Do you want to make money doing something you love to do? Literally, thousands have. How you might ask? With their blogs. If you love to blog, please listen. Have you heard about Bloggerwave? It is a new company shooting for the #1 position in European advertising media on blogs. They offer an array of opportunities. You might even consider joining the ranks of those who make money to blog. Why wouldn't you? Stop by and check it out!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dream Top 10 Christmas Wish List

Who has never sat around and dreamed about having the biggest and best presents they could think of? If I could have any material things that only money could buy, these would probably be the top 10 on my list.

1. Canon XL H1 High Defintion Camcorder

  • This is a profesional video camera at reasonable price but would provide quality to produce amazing videos. Not only is it ready to fly, but can be easily upgraded to go PRO!
2. Mac Pro
  • There isn't any point of having a camera that can capture HD and not be able to have a machine with the horsepower to edit it. 8 Processors - 16 gig of RAM - 3 Tera bytes of storage. You cant touch that on the PC side. Mac rocks!
3. Final Cut Studio
  • Having the machine is one thing, but anyone who works with digital video knows, you have to have the right software. Used by the pros to do pro work. FCS is an all in one package.
4. iPhone
  • I'm a smart phone guy and this is the best smart phone in the world. Why get anything else?
5. Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR
  • I cant be selfish. This camera would be for my wife. I would use it from time to time, but it would be for her. She loves taking pictures. Why not shoot awesome pictures?
6. 7 Night Caribbean Disney Cruise
  • Vacations, for my family are...rare. This would be a chance of a lifetime to get away and have a fantastic trip. It is perfect for a 3 year old.
7. Mac Book Pro -
  • This would be for when you need to hit the road with a computer. It has plenty of power to work on video editing projects and easily does the day to day stuff like word processing, email, internet, etc. Mac beats the snot out of Vista!
8. Glock 23
  • I like to shoot. This is the best and most reliable pistol made...period!
9. Colt M4
  • I always wanted a tactical rifle. This one is used by the pros. Military, SWAT and everyone else who wants or needs to throw down. It would definitely be fun!
10. Chevy Suburban
  • If you had ever seen my 89 GMC pickup you would know why this is on my list!

Quality Lights or Bunk Timer

Since we have moved to a house, I had no excuse not to put up Christmas decorations outside. On the eaves, I placed white corded, clear icicles lights and I also bought an eight foot inflatable snowman for my son. Unfortunately yesterday, Frosty, as he is affectionately known, stopped working along with 3 strands of lights. I was slightly frustrated. After some investigative work, I concluded that the fuses in the plugs of both had blown out. Why? It could only be an electrical surge. How? The bunk timer that senses when it gets dark and automatically turns on the lights is the only answer!

So am I now questioning and frustrated about the quality of Christmas lights or the bad timer that is blowing out the fuses? BOTH. Why can no one develop a timer (specifically for Christmas lights) that doesn't cause a surge that blows fuses in the lights? I'm no electrical engineer, but it seems like it would be relatively simple. Now that I think about it, it might be a conspiracy! The next question, is why do they even put those goofy little fuses in the plugs any way? Back in my day, there were no fuses and if there was an electrical surge it blew out a GLASS light bulb sending shards of sharp colored glass flying. Those were the days of hard core Christmas festivities. I'm getting fed up with these wimpy little technological innovations that make you spend hours repairing a little fuse or buying all new flawed stuff.
Fa La La La La, La La La La!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cruising for Cash

Ok, I'm calling all bloggers to my side. I live in Houston and have quick access to the heart of downtown. Traffic is outrageous and the shopping centers are madhouses all day, every day. So, I was driving through town today, despising the traffic when this idea hit me. I'm not sure if it is original, but I can honestly admit that it originated from my own imagination with no outside inspiration. I think some large corporation should pay me to cruise around in a big vehicle plastered with vinyl advertising their company. Now I know that companies do this for their own businesses (mostly for the tax write off) but how cool would it be for someone like Amazon.com to create a big suburban to drive around the shopping centers at Christmas. It would really anger Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bass Pro Shop, Best Buy, Circuit City as well as all the other places...but who cares. They couldn't do anything about it, and it would really turn heads. I think it would be amazing...and productive. It would also be sweet to see a 4 wheel drive truck advertising Google products in rush hour. We could call it the Google-mobile.

I'm thinking $100,000-$200,000 would cover it. It would be 1 year of solid marketing to one of the fastest growing areas around. You couldn't beat that deal, since the advertising spending in the US was $149.6 BILLION in 2006. Hey advertising guys, it might be better to go simpler and cheaper. Give it a try!!! But don't steal my idea! You can write me at rparsons25@hotmail.com

So, all you bloggers out there, need to help me get the word out to Amazon and Google. Blog it up and see if I can get me a job Cruising for Cash!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rather Read Than Listen

Ok, this is a question for all you bloggers out there. I recently put out a post on Why People Love to Blog and those thoughts have prompted some discussion. Now their is another question on the table. Would you rather read someone's thoughts rather than sit down and listen to them? Why?

I have my own opinions but want to hear from you. I know that there are many people who know me, if given the choice, would rather read me than listen to me. There is statistical proof of that in my reader's stats.

What do you think?